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Remembering a deeply committed, involved, and passionate member of the Women´s Studies faculty, Dr. Sherrie Reynolds, from Education, who passed away March 15, 2014.


Women’s Studies informs every discipline at TCU. It promotes critical thought and reflection, sharpens written and oral communication skills, and trains students in sensitivity to multiple perspectives. As our society becomes more diverse, and as women assume greater leadership in society, individuals educated in the critical theories and methods of Women’s Studies have highly marketable skills.


Although women now comprise 56% of the college population nationwide, women are still significantly underrepresented in decision-making positions in academe; they also continue to earn far lower salaries in the corporate world.  There has never been a more important moment for placing women and gender at the center of the academic enterprise.

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The first annual WGST Graduate Research Symposium is happening Friday, October 31 from 1-5pm in Rees-Jones. See the schedule of events here.
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